Wiring stitch machine

Wiring stitch machine


Based on cording embroidery, expand the heating wiring in the automobile and heating wire industries, master the core technology, and sell complete sets of equipment to achieve automatic and intelligent use.

1、Automatic wire feeding, automatic shutdown and alarm for wire feeding failure
2、The wiring has acupuncture alarm function, and the cable will automatically stop and alarm
3、Automatic thread cutting, noodle thread and wire
4、Wires of different diameters are routed accurately to achieve a small radius arc country
5、Large spool device, greatly increase the amount of spools installed and reduce downtime
6、The left and right fabrics follow to ensure that the fabrics are flat and not wrinkled, and protect the product
7、Left and right automatic coiling, automatic cycle work
1、Health care appliance industry; such as electric blankets, heating cushions, heating quilts, electric knee pads, electric shawls, etc.
2、Medical physiotherapy industry; such as massage chair, foot massager, cervical massager, etc.
3、Automotive supplies industry; such as car cushions, car steering wheels, car interiors, etc.
4、Multifunctional clothing industry; such as mountaineering clothes, mountain shoes, etc.

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