Walk into the underwear exhibition and feel the combination of technology and softness


New materials, new crafts, new concepts-fusion of new technology, expressing the multi-faceted and flexible beauty of urban elites in the new era, and conveying a quality life attitude of inner comfort and outer fashion.

Today, the editor of Hefeng will take you into the secret garden to find products that impress you.

The exhibition hall about underwear brand culture exhibition is mainly located in Hall 1: Puning Exhibition Area and Hall 9: Xiaolan Zhizhao. We have seen the same products, and each brand has its own different ideas. The editor here also summarizes: the new nanotechnology graphene is used in underwear and underwear, which can play a healthy and antibacterial effect; 3D upright cotton technology breaks through uniformly dispersed ventilation; using honeycomb bionic technology to completely solve the traditional seamless underwear Technical problems such as washing water delamination and loose dressing.

Now each brand pays more attention to the product itself and attracts customers through solid product quality. Hefeng is committed to bringing fashionable high-quality embroidery to textile products in various industries, and has obtained a number of scientific and technological innovation patents over the years, especially the research and development of water-soluble paper without padding in thin-material embroidery, which has a remarkable effect of not drawing yarn and not easy to shrink. , And feel soft.

Every aspect of comfort, safety, health, and fashion cannot be separated from technological innovation. Hefeng embroidery machine has been in technological innovation for many years, the machine has ❶ stable performance ❷ fine embroidery ❸ precise lace docking ❹ embroidery thread is clean and feels good ❺ reduces the wrinkle and shrinkage of embroidery ❻ super adaptability of ultra-thin materials, which can save paper Simple, cost reduction ❼ can be equipped with various special embroidery devices and other features. Provide customized purchases for the majority of textile manufacturers, greatly enriching embroidery elements.

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