One stitch and one thread 3D flying knit shoes, as light as no shoes


Following the Dongguan Shoe Material & Sewing Equipment Exhibition, in order to reduce costs from the source for our customers, Hefeng has invested in new research and development. Today I will bring you the goods.

__________________One needle one thread 3D flying shoe upper embroidery machine____________________


Speaking of shoes that are popular this year, you will undoubtedly think of old shoes. Many people are still immersed in the atmosphere of old daddy shoes, many big-name brand research and development have quietly turned their attention to flying shoe uppers


Fit your feet to a new height


"Lightweight": As light as without shoes, walk safely and feel the pleasure of leaping off the ground.


"Nude wear": Don't be afraid of athlete's foot. Wearing it is very handsome. It has good flexibility, wear resistance and slip resistance. It has good air permeability in hot summer.

________________Hefeng One Needle One Thread Embroidery Machine__________________

_________________Hefeng is sampling for customers___________________

_____________Hefeng participates in Adidas footwear research and development technology exchange__________


Advantages of Hefeng embroidery machine:

                  1. Embroidered leather does not hurt the skin

                  2. Applicable to various covered wire materials

                  3. Automatic thread cutting

Embroider heating wire on the shoes, a pair of shoes that will get hot.

It won’t be cold again next winter!

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